Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseball Saturday Morning Season Opener

Well--there we were. The first. When you have young grand kids there are a lot of firsts and Saturday was no exception.The first tee-ball game for the first grandson.

I was excited--he was wearing the number of my favorite player Brian Roberts, which is number 1. And he started the game a second base.

It was fun to watch these five-year olds try to grapple with the complexities of baseball.

Watch, catch, think throw--to where again?

And I run to where? Why?

One player couldn't get the concept of coming home down and kept going to the bench after he left third base.

But Ethan--tried hard to stay in the game and keep involved.

But of course then there is grandson number two--Jax. What did he do while big brother was playing. Well he kept himself entertained with the storm drain--until if course the excitement became overwhelming and his established nap time slipped past. He received a pass to head home with gramma and take a nap.

It was a cool and overcast day with occasional sprinkles--but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the ardent fan base nor the players.

As for the score--who knows.

This is Tee-ball--everyone hits and runs.

Three innings of batting around.

All told--I think only one out was recorded. So that would make the final score 39-39 because the out was noted but the runner stayed on base and subsequently scored.

Hey--it is tee-ball.

Oh what was the play of the day? Start of the bottom of the third (and last inning). Ethan's team being the home team is coming to bat with E scheduled to bat 12th. He walks up to his Mom and announces he needs to go to the bathroom. No he can't wait.

Nicole turns to me and says--"This sounds like a job for Poppop!" The situation becomes clearer as there are no "port a potties."

And so Poppop saves the day and we took care of the problem and had the young player back in time to take his swing at the ball!

Shoulda been on ESPN's "Play of the Day."
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