Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Azalea in the Garden

I forget each year how dynamic azaleas can be when they bloom.

And this year is no exception. We have a white azalea in the front garden which puts on a show that rivals the Fourth of July at the Mall in Washington, DC.

OK--maybe not with the booms, but the sheer splendor of the blooms and the size and volume of blooms.

Wow! It makes me smile to notice it and it is there just asking to be noticed.

A splash of color and brightness surging the springtime forward and farther away from the memory of the days of cold and winter.

I love the green I see now all around with the trees in leaf and the grass growing. Soon--the pool will be open and I'll be lying on my floatie with a cold one in my hand feeling the heat of the sun on my face!

But I am rushing things--let's just enjoy the journey to get there.

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