Saturday, September 16, 2023

When the Big Waves Arrive

Surfers at the Park
Carlin Park Beach, Jupiter, FL
September 15, 2023

 Celebrating Friday and the start of the weekend has been something that I love to do. Usually I do it with a Happy Hour. Since retiring, I have lost that overpowering need to be somewhere at the end of the workweek with friends celebrating the beginning of the weekend. I guess because everyday is a weekend now. 

Surfer at the End of the Rainbow
Carlin Park Beach, Jupiter, FL
September 15, 2023
Last evening Chris and I went to Carlin Park Beach to celebrate happy hour. It was a great choice because the passing hurricane in the Atlantic had kicked up some big waves, in excess of 6 feet. And that means surfers!

There were so many surfers that they almost looked like the fish I took pictures of in the waves a few days ago. And they were fin to watch. We arrived on the beach about 4:30 PM, but stayed until almost 7 PM and we had non-stop entertainment. At one point there were in excess of 26 surfers ranging in age from and estimated 12 yo to 58 yo. I know the oldest was 58 because we chatted with him. And as for the youngest, I was talking to his Dad. 

The afternoon Florida storms kicked up, but remained south of us. That meant the sky to the south was very dark, but to the east and north, the skies were of broken clouds. The rain to the south caused a rainbow, actually there was a double rainbow, but the second one was very weak. As the sun sank lower in the sky, it illuminated the front of the waves and created a very beautiful scene of which I was able to capture one decent image. 

It was a fantastic Happy Hour!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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