Sunday, September 3, 2023

Enjoying a Sea Day

Heading out of the Harbor
Sitka, AK
August 31, 2023

 I enjoy Sea Days. We needed the down day to recover from three straight adventure filled days. 

It was strange in that I did not take any pictures during the day and that we spend most of the day just chilling.

Sea Lions on Channel Marker
Sitka Bay, AK
August 31, 2023
I attended a raffle for jewelry and an art auction. I did not win jewelry nor did I purchase any overpriced art. I was disappointed with the art displayed as there was only one piece that even mildly interested either Chris or myself. 

So I have reviewed some of the multitude of images that I have snapped. I found a few from Sitka that I want to share. First, Heading out of the Harbor, was taken in Sitka. It also captures the rare blue sky that gave us the best morning of the entire cruise. 

Quantum of the Seas
Sitka, AK
August 31, 2023
While on the wildlife cruise around Sitka Bay we came upon a group of sea lions enjoying life and sunning themselves, although there was no sun, on a channel marker. They were fun to watch and did not seem to mind the boat getting close to them. 

And writing of boats, or maritime vessels, I did enjoy snapping an image of Quantum of the Seas from our boat while cruising Sitka Bay. It was a picturesque scene with the ship tied-up at the base of the mountains. 

Today we port in Victoria, British Columbia, for the evening. Tomorrow we begin the two-day journey home to Florida, sun, and warmth. 

-- Bob Doan, Quantum of the Seas in the North Pacific

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