Tuesday, September 5, 2023

And So it Ends

Float Planes in Ketchikan
Ketchikan, AK
August 30, 2023

 It has been 12 days since we departed Florida for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  Wow! What a rush!

The days in Seattle before the cruise were fantastic. We really appreciated the city and the opportunities. Chris and I also joined another winery: Chateau St. Michelle! I will write more about that later. 

Ice Flow
Endicott Arm, AK
September 1, 2023

And then the cruise. Sadly the cruise was gray and overcast most of the time with rain. But, We enjoyed Alaska and the wildlife.

What a trip this has been from the heights of Mt Rainier to the Sitka Bay. And then walking Victoria. 

I am putting together a video of some of the sights--especially the whales. 

We have enjoyed so much--I was amazed by the float planes--theyt are everywhere and fly everywhere. I almost wish I were a float plane pilot. 

I wish the weather had been better. Gray was the color of the cruise skies with a few limited exceptions. 

Well, tomorrow it is back to the regular grind, I guess. 

-- Bob Doan, Seattle, WA

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