Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Traveling Home

Mountains Above the Clouds
Leaving SeaTac, WA
September 5, 2023

 It is finished!

Chris and I arrived home last evening about 6:45 PM, completing a 12-day travel adventure in the PNW (Pacific North West) and the southern coast of Alaska. 

The trip ended with gray overcast skies, pretty much the same as the whole cruise. I need to remember that the three days we spent in Seattle were mostly blue skies and sunshine. It is easy to forget since the last nine days were gray. Yesterday, once we got above the clouds, the mountains were finally visible.  I managed the image shooting out the airplane window from an aisle seat. 

At the Entrance to Endicott Arm
Quantum of the Seas
September 1, 2023
And speaking of SeaTac. Ugh. What a mess yesterday. We flew on a 7:55 AM Delta flight. The first mess was baggage check-in. We had two bags, at $30 each. The process for checking bags took a good 20 minutes, possibly more and required painful line waiting. Now this is what really gets me, we paid extra to have our bags and were subjected to substandard service. Why would I do that again?

But wait, there is more. Chris and I are both TSA Pre. There was only one TSA Pre line for the entire airport. And it was a long way from the terminal we needed. We stood in line for another good 10-15 minutes to clear TSA only to have them discover a cork screw that we missed in Chris's backpack. It had a one inch blade and was confiscated. Now here is the weird thing--3 inch succors are allowed, but a small blade designed to cut the foil from a wine bottle is dangerous? Really? 

Chinatown Alley
Victoria, BC, Canada
September 3, 2023
Don't get me wrong. We enjoyed the trip, it is just that air travel in America has become very tedious. I calculated our departure time from the hotel based on my experience elsewhere and added a pad. Thankfully, I added a pad. By the time we got to our gate we were able to walk right onto the plane. We did manage a quick stop for breakfast once we cleared security. 

But, we made it to Ft Lauderdale and to the place where we parked our car. The flight was pleasant and I have to admit, Delta has the best in-seat entertainment and free WiFi (for mileage members). The almost 6-hour flight seemed to pass quickly. 

And now, it is all a memory.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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