Monday, September 18, 2023

Monday Musings - September 18, 2023


1. It is the third of four Mondays in September. There are 14 Mondays remaining in the year. This is the last Monday of Summer.

2. Autumn begins on Saturday at 6:50 AM EDT. 

3. How about the Orioles? Down to the last strike of the potential final out of the game in the bottom of the 9th--Orioles magic struck sending the game into extra innings where the team finally prevailed in the 11th inning over the Tampa Rays. The Os take a two game division lead into their final 13 games of the regular season. They have already secured a playoff spot, along with the Rays, but the division crown and a first round playoff bye is firmly in their sights. 

Setting Moon
Tequesta, FL
September 17, 2023

4. The evening sky was busy last evening with the moon and the remnants of a sunset. The sliver of moon setting in the west was visible just above the palms in the cloud-filled sky. 

5. Family NFL Report. It was a busy weekend in the NFL and the family teams did relatively well for the second week in a row, with all of the team that won last week going to 2-0 this week. One team still needs to play its game.

     Ravens (2-0) overcome Bengals (0-2), 27-24

    Commanders (2-0) slip past Broncos (0-2), 35-33

    Cowboys (2-0) rocket past Jets (1-1), 30-10

    Steelers (0-1) host Browns (1-0) tonight

    Dolphins (2-0) drown Patriots (0-2), 24-17

6. Today in HistoryOn September 18, 1793, George Washington lays the cornerstone to the United States Capitol building, the home of the legislative branch of American government. The building would take nearly a century to complete, as architects came and went, the British set fire to it and it was called into use during the Civil War. Today, the Capitol building, with its famous cast-iron dome and important collection of American art, is part of the Capitol Complex, which includes six Congressional office buildings and three Library of Congress buildings, all developed in the 19th and 20th centuries.

As a young nation, the United States had no permanent capital, and Congress met in eight different cities, including Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia, before 1791. In 1790, Congress passed the Residence Act, which gave President Washington the power to select a permanent home for the federal government. The following year, he chose what would become the District of Columbia from land provided by Maryland and Virginia. Washington picked three commissioners to oversee the capital city’s development and they in turn chose French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant to come up with the design. However, L’Enfant clashed with the commissioners and was fired in 1792. A design competition was then held, with a Scotsman named William Thornton submitting the winning entry for the Capitol building. In September 1793, Washington laid the Capitol’s cornerstone and the lengthy construction process, which would involve a line of project managers and architects, got under way.

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-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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