Saturday, March 11, 2023

Surf's Up

Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
March 10, 2023

 It does not happen often, but yesterday the ocean waves were pounding the beach providing perfect waves for surfing.

I am not sure, but there must be some kind of surfer alerting network that identifies where the best waves are on any given day because there were more than 20 surfers out on the ocean by 8:30 AM in a place where there are normally none. And they were having fun. Some of the waves were rolling in at least 6 feet tall. 

Surfing to Start the Day
Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL
March 10, 2023

The morning was another great South Florida morning and the water is getting warmer with each passing day. As we walked the beach with Finnegan, we enjoyed a cooling breeze, a hot sun, and stood for a long while to watch the surfers in the waves. 

I sometimes wonder why I never learned to surf. Maybe because I lived so far from the ocean for most of my life. But I wish . . . 

It was a perfect dat which day began at the ocean and ended along the Intracoastal with Happy Hour at a new watering hole, Tiki 52, which had great seating and a solid band playing well into the evening. 

It was a great Friday.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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