Saturday, March 18, 2023

Spring Training Continues

Lecom Park
Bradenton, FL
March 17, 2023

 I drove across Florida to attend a Spring Training game at the Pittsburgh Pirates facility in Bradenton, Florida, yesterday. The drive across Florida for three hours on a two lane road is very interesting. My route, since I'm going to the Sarasota/Bradenton area, takes me just north of Lake Okeechobee and then straight across the state to Bradenton. The landscape is very flat. I passed cattle farms, palm tree nurseries, a turf farm, and lots of just open space. I note that the road is a two lane road. And the road in places is just straight and flat. 

I enjoyed the game. The Pirates defeated the Rays 6-2, but it was almost more about being in the sunlight, the warmth, and with my friends from Maryland.

View Across the 5th Fairway
Bobcat Course, The Plantation
Venice, FL
March 18, 2023

This morning I awoke in a condo on a golf course. I ams sitting here watching the sun come up and wondering when the first group will pass by. I can remember being one of the first groups on the course heading out into the dew covered grass watching the ball kick up a rooster tail when it rolled over the green. I am told this course hosts an LPGA qualifying event. 

I am looking forward to some fun this morning and then a drive home later tonight.

-- Bob Doan, Venice, FL

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