Friday, March 31, 2023

Crazy Busy Thursday

Turtles near the 16th Tee Box
Jupiter Dunes Golf Course
Jupiter, FL
March 30, 2023

 It could be the title of a movie. 

Yesterday was one of those days that once started; charged along and did not stop until well after dark.

Let me explain.

First, since my bike was in the shop for maintenance I thought it would be a lazy morning. Not so. The first thing up was the annual fire suppression sprinkler inspection. This was an all day event with no scheduled time. Chris and I were responsible for not only our home but another home as well. Chris managed to grab the inspector about 9 AM and we completed both inspections by 9:30. 

From there the day began to spiral out of control.

Looking Back at the 11th Green
Jupiter Dunes Golf Course
Jupiter, FL
March 30, 2023
Since it was early, we decided to head to the local golf course for our weekly dose of frustration. Fortunately this course does not issue Tee times, as it is a first come, first served course and is not usually too busy mid-morning. We hit the course shortly after 10 AM and expected to be home about 12:30, which was important because Finnegan and Riordin had vet appointments at 2:30 PM. 

Well, as it would happen, it was one of those slow-play days on the course and we did not finish until after 1 PM. Ugh. So we headed home with plenty of time to change, eat, and get to the vet.

But wait! At about 1:50 PM as I was eating my lunchtime salad (leftover from the night before) and punching the address for the Vet into my mapping program I realized that the vet was not a 10-minute drive away in Jupiter, but a 35-minute drive away in West Palm Beach. And this was after wasting about 15 minutes locating the cat carrier. We were already late. The remainder of my salad was still on the counter when we finally returned later in the afternoon. 

So we launched into the afternoon traffic. Chris called the vet to tell them we would be 15 minutes late. They were OK with that. No problem, right? Wrong! When I was putting the address for the vet, to which we had never visited, into the mapping program I did not notice that I selected S Military Trail rather than N Military Trail which was the actual address. We were in my truck since the plan was to retrieve my bike after the vet appointments. Upon arriving at the address I had selected in the mapping program we realized that I had erred and it would be another 10 minutes before we would be at the location where the Vet was practicing. The exciting part of this particular road is that it is a divided roadway, I managed to accomplish no less than five U-turns (all legal) getting to the correct address. 

The experience at the vet was great. We really like them and did not feel like we had to mortgage one of the vehicles to play the bill. Of course there will be return visits. Riordin was diagnosed with an infection, which explains a lot, and so he is on an antibiotic. 

From the vet we drove back to Jupiter and retrieved my fully-serviced bicycle. They also cleaned the bike and it almost looks new, except for the over 1800 miles it has on it. And my back brakes work now! They had gotten a bit loose and I knew was going to take the bike in for service so I didn't take time to adjust the brake. 

Then it was home for some relaxation, the time being about 5:30 PM. But wait--we invited the neighbors over for Happy Hour! Yup. So when we arrived home it was time to clear the remains of the unfinished lunch and make apps for Happy Hour, which we had decided would begin about 6PM. 

It was a great Happy hour on our back porch and since the friends we were hosting live two doors down, they wandered in through the screened porch. It was a fantastic time and both Chris and I actually relaxed with a few adult beverages and stimulating conversation. When our time together ended about 8:30 PM, we realized that the day had spiraled out of control into a crazy busy Thursday, but that it had been busy and fun. 

I hope today is a bit less fun.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL 

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