Thursday, March 30, 2023

On the Bike Trail

23.24 Mile Ride
Tequesta to Hobe Sound, FL
March 29, 2023

 I decided to change up my ride yesterday and headed off to the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, just over 11 miles away. It is a tough ride and the route I take involves riding along US-1 for about six miles and crossing two drawbridges. No, not the same bridge twice, but two different as I ride a circuit rather than an out and back. There is a drawbridge on SE Bridge Road in Hobe Sound, it is a small one, and then nearing the end of the ride there is a larger drawbridge, Cato's Bridge, on Beach Road in Tequesta. Cato's Bridge has a significant hill to climb and no bike lane making it challenging with traffic. I had the opportunity to wait at Cato's Bridge for two sailboats to pass through. Being at the end of the ride with about 21 miles behind me. my legs were a bit wobbly when, after waiting for about 5 minutes or more, I restarted my trek to cross the span. 

The Atlantis from Hobe Sound
National Wildlife Refuge
Hobe Sound, FL
March 29, 2023
Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride. I prefer a ride like this on a weekday as there is less traffic headed for the beaches along my route. Also, there are fewer bikers. On weekends groups of bikers ride Beach Road and that makes some of the truck and car drivers a bit impatient.

Although it is only my second biking trip to Hobe Sound, it is a beach that Chris and I very much enjoy and we attempt to get there every so often. Riding my bike, I take a few minutes to walk up the access ramps to stand and look out at the ocean to enjoy the scene. Yes, I did actually intentionally frame the tall grass sticking up in the image. 

The total time to complete the trek was 1h54m, of that 1h46m was actual time in the saddle. 

I am close to logging my second over-300 mile month. I lack just under 11 miles to cross that goal, but my bike is in the shop for maintenance. I have ridden my bike over 1840 miles since acquiring it during February 2022. I have a few rides not included in the total, but I have good records for most months. Also, while we were in Maryland during April, May, June, July and August 2022, I only rode about four times. I had no idea how many miles I had ridden until I added up the numbers. I guess it was definitely time for some maintenance, especially since it was beginning to sound like a sewing machine when I pedaled. The shop tech said I probably needed to lube the chain. Who knew the chain needed to be lubed? I do, now!

Well, today is a golfing day.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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