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Rodney Atkins Concert - March 26, 2023

Witham Field, Stuart Airport,
Stuart Florida
March 26, 2023

 As I mentioned in my Monday Musings this week, Chris and I attended a Rodney Atkins concert in Stuart, Florida, on Sunday night. 

The concert was in a field at Witham Field, the Stuart Airport, and it was a fun venue. The concert was staged to support the Farm Dog Rescue charity and I felt it was a well attended event. I very much appreciated the reasonable prices for beverages, including adult beverages, and the presence of food trucks on-site to provide a variety of dining opportunities. 

Maggie Baugh was the opening act and went onstage right on time. She covered a range of classic country and sang some of her own compositions. Her vocals were strong, but she really showed off when she grabbed her fiddle. She covered Charlie Daniels' The Devil Went Down to Georgia and while the vocals were a bit rough, the fiddle playing was excellent. She provided a great and enjoyable opening act. 

Rodney Atkins
Witham Field, Stuart, FL
March 26, 2023
Rodney Atkins' portion of the show was solid. He saved his hits for last and I was almost afraid that If you're going Through Hell was going to be left out--but it was his final number and also his strongest performance of the night. His portion of the show lasted about 90 minutes and highlighted especially the expertise of his band. During the first portion of the show I felt that Rodney's vocals sounded tired. He strained for the high notes which were mostly unsupported. I never felt he connected with the crowd except in the most superficial manner. The second part of the show was much improved vocally as Rodney really seemed to enjoy singing and telling stories related to his hits.

Rodney covered a classic 1967 Buffalo Springfield song, For What Its Worth (a/k/a/ Stop Hey, What's That Sound). I enjoyed reliving the experience of the 1960's right up until he changed the words to reference "not let them take our guns" or something like that. The is no reference to taking guns away in the original song and while the sentiment may reflect his personal political views, and played well to the Florida crowd, in light of the gun violence related tragedies happening across America I felt it inappropriate.

I have a one minute video of the night from during the first part of the show. Lighting was a problem. The stage had a couple of bright lights that often were blinding. The sound, however, was expertly mixed and provided a clear and balanced experience.

Overall, I enjoyed the concert and am looking forward to supporting the Farm Dog Rescue next year. It was fun to see the performer of some of my favorite songs in person.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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