Saturday, March 25, 2023

Memories and Images and US-1

Patrick Early in the Morning
Marathon, Florida


In retrospect I was smart, a few years ago, when I started saving all of the images from my various cameras onto CDs. I still actually possess an external CD/DVD reader that is compatible with my new Mac. I used it yesterday to begin to cull through the thousands of images that I have stored on CDs. I also have many more stored on a backup drive. 

Some of the images are just funny--like this one which was taken early in the morning when I think Patrick and I were in Marathon, FL, and heading out on one of our first dives after being certified. 

Patrick and Chris US-1 Beginning
Key West, FL
Patrick was always funny with cameras and video equipment. Chris and I were reviewing some of our old videos and found his commentary priceless; making boring subjects like Roman ruins seem exciting.

One thing I discovered, however, is that the date of the images from the older cameras  changes each time I move it across media. Very frustrating. I am glad that I included the year on most of the folders in which I stored the images.

I don't know if it is a good thing or not, but I have been on both ends of US-1. I much prefer the Florida terminus to that in Maine. This image documents one instance of being at the beginning of US-1. I think it humorous that both Key West, FL, and Fort Kent, ME, call themselves the beginning of US-1. I guess US-1 South begins in Fort Kent while US-1 North begins in Key West. I drive on some part of US-1 nearly every day. And I also drove on US-1 nearly every day when I lived in Maryland. It is a highway that connects us.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL 

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