Friday, March 24, 2023

Rolling Along the Streets

Looking North on the Loxahatchee River
Tequesta, FL
March 23, 2023

 After our mid-week adventure on the golf course, yesterday was a biking day. Chris set a new personal record of over 17 miles. She bested her previous personal best by almost a mile-and-a-half. I was excited for her as we toured some different areas and pushed her endurance. I am hoping to get her over 20 miles soon and possibly begin some long distance and day rides. 

It was another perfect South Florida morning for riding. We rode along some undeveloped areas and enjoyed seeing the natural setting of wild palms and scrub. We looked for larger animals, but did not see any. I have seen deer along the route during past rides. Although the ride is along a well traveled road, the sidewalks are wide and smooth providing protection from the traffic. 

I always enjoy rides that take me across the Loxahatchee River Bridge in Tequesta and this route crossed the bridge near the end of the ride. Whether I look to the north or the south the view is always wide and open and inviting. Yesterday we were on the north side of the bridge heading into Tequesta and the river was flat and inviting. I sometimes wish that I had a boat so that I could explore the many areas along the rivers and channels. 

Maybe, in the future.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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