Wednesday, September 28, 2022

From the Sidelines of Hurricane Ian


First, an update on my jury duty experience yesterday. I survived and was not selected to serve as a juror on a trial. They released me just before noon and I was able to spend the afternoon at home preparing for the oncoming storm.

On to the storm. Our area of Southeastern Florida is under a Tropical Storm Warning and not expected to experience the full force of the hurricane. We suffered through tornado warnings overnight as the outer bands of the now Category 4 Hurricane Ian passed. Our portion of Florida is where people from the Gulf Coast were directed as an evacuation destination.

It is raining off and on and sometimes very heavy.  We are seeing winds of about 30 mph right now, but are expecting gusts of up to 70 mph as the hurricane makes landfall later today. Chris and I closed the hurricane shutters last night because of the tornado threat and also because we have large trees close to our windows. 

Our area is NOT under an evacuation order and, therefore, we are not evacuating. The truck, 4 wheel-drive, has a full tank of gas with a 500 mile range and is prepared in case we do need to evacuate.

The most difficult part of the storm so far has to do with the dogs. They are not excited about going outside to do their business. On top of that, Makayla has a stomach disturbance which we are treating with Imodium and plain rice for food. Riordin is a bit freaked out and cannot settle. I opened the patio door shutters and he can at least look outside. That seemed to make him happier.

We will ride out the storm. We are fortunate that it is away from us, but we are still getting winds and rain--although not the same as those on the Gulf Coast in the direct path of the storm. The hurricane is expected to pass both west and north of our location.

The TV coverage is similar to that for a major winter storm in Maryland. We are getting moment by moment reports on the storm's progress and well as tornado reporting as warnings are issued. 

We are calm and doing well. Thank you for all of the concerns we have been receiving. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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