Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Feeling the Stress Evaporate

Across the Sand
Jupiter Island, FL
September 20, 2022
Chris and I made it to the beach last evening to enjoy some solitary time and Happy Hour. I noticed that as I crested the top of the sand upon which the mighty Atlantic was crashing waves and stood looking at the waves that the stress of the past few days melted away. It was magical.

Yesterday was a busy. We started at the Palm Beach County Tax Collector's office registering the Highlander and cutting our last ties to Maryland Department of Transportation. We no longer have vehicles registered in Maryland. We had a 9:15 AM appointment and were happy to be out of there with everything complete and new license plate in hand by about 10 AM. Not too bad, all-in-all.

Then I had more stuff to relocate to the storage room, which is getting full. We have, as best as I can compute, about 400 cubic feet of storage. I believe we have about 300 cubic feet already stored. Of course, there is no way to use all of the space--but as you might suspect--places to put new stuff are becoming hard to find.

The afternoon was taken with an appointment to sign the settlement papers on the house. That process went smoothly, but was long and I have to admit there are some really weird questions and, without the aid of a lawyer, more than a couple were hard to interpret. The notary was very pleasant and we all enjoyed some of Chris's newly baked banana bread upon completion of the signing. I watched the notary scan the signed documents for review on a very cool high speed scanner. I mean, wow--42 pages scanned in about one minute. Chris made a point of noting that while the machine was really neat, I don't need one. LOL. That doesn't mean I don't want one!

And so, after a busy and emotional day, standing there on the sand with the ocean crashing just a few feet away, I could feel all of the stress leave my body and I was refreshed!

I need to do this more often.

-- Bob Doan,. Tequesta, FL

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