Sunday, September 25, 2022

Our of the Cone of Uncertainty

 Tropical Storm, and soon to be hurricane, Ian has been generating a lot of interest here in South Florida as the cone of uncertainty fell squarely overtop of the area. 

As of this morning, actually late last evening, the cone of uncertainty no longer includes Tequesta. As the storm drifts westward and landfall northward, my area of Florida has moved outside of the cone. I am very excited about the prospect of not having to endure a hurricane. Sadly, it appears that northern Florida is going to get slammed with a major hurricane with winds in excess of 110 MPH. 

Thank-you for the concern that many have expressed. And also the good advice. I look at preparing for a hurricane much like preparing for a major blizzard in the northeast. Plan for power outages, inability to move on the highways, and being isolated. The difference in a hurricane is that the winds are incredibly dangerous and the water can become a flood. Our house is equipped with hurricane shutters and we laid-in drinking water and some extra food supplies. Our big failing here is that we are totally electric and are not allowed to have a gas grill, which is what our plan was back in Baltimore to facilitate boiling water and, if necessary, cook. We are not even allowed a charcoal grill because we cannot store starter fluid, but I am going to rethink that for the future. I believe for emergencies we need a reliable heat source. 

Chris and I, and our entire community for that matter, remain wary and continue watching the storm track.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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