Friday, September 30, 2022

Fly Away


Chris and I fared very well during Hurricane Ian. We were not in the path and there is only minor damage in our area. 

Chris's Jet at the Gate
Palm Beach International Airport
September 29, 2022

We fared so well that Chris flew to Maryland last evening. The West Palm Beach International Airport was almost a ghost town. We arrived at the airport with enough time for us to share dinner before she had to go through security. Security here takes about 30 seconds. There is almost never a line. 

There were very few people in the airport and we enjoyed a nice dinner at an Irish pub.

We had tracked her flight all day to determine if it would be canceled or delayed. It was not canceled and was delayed a few minutes--but that was expected. 

The route he jet flew was significantly different from most of the flights between Palm Beach and Baltimore. Normally they fly an almost a straight line between the two airports, out over the ocean coasting in over the Carolinas. But, as can be seen, Hurricane Ian was in the path and so on this day the route was over land to avoid the power of the hurricane. 

She is excited to visit family and friends over the next week. I have a list of projects to accomplish. BTW, just to be clear, it is not a honey-do list, it is a self generated project list. 

The hurricane changed the weather pattern. It is 64 degrees this morning and I believe it is the first 60 degree morning since before we departed during April. It is cold outside!

Happy Friday!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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