Saturday, September 10, 2022

Hitting the Streets


After making three trips to the PODS during the past two days, about two-hours roundtrip, Chris and I decided to stay home and return the house to a more livable state. 

Bike Route
Tequesta, FL
September 9, 2022

We were successful! But, we still have at least two more trips to make to the PODS to retrieve the remainder of our treasures. I will be getting a storage room today.

One of the things we did yesterday was locate the recycling transfer facility and get rid of the wrapping paper and cardboard boxes that were filling the garage. That helped to reclaim significant space in the garage.

To start the day, however, I went on a long bike ride around Tequesta and Jupiter. I was able to visit some new territory and enjoy the day before it got too hot or rainy. I was amazed that, as I hit the streets, my legs were tired before I even began from racing up and down stairs during the past days. I have been exercising more than I had thought. 

I was dog-tired at the end of the ride. I need to eat breakfast before heading out on these rides! There is a small hill near the end that can seem mountainous, although it is only a slight incline. After 18 or so miles, however, it provides the opportunity to push myself one more time. 

It is great to be hitting the streets again!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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