Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Vacation House Cat

Sampson Bay, Sint Maarten
June 25, 2022

Martin under the Sofa
Sampson Bay, Sint Maarten
June 25, 2022
Reflecting upon our recent week in Sint Maarten, one thing that was very interesting was the house cat that visited the veranda every morning and evening. The cat was not feral, but rather friendly. Chris adopted the cat while she was there and named him, Martin! 

Of course Chris found a stray to adopt. She has a warm spot in her heart for animals. I do not believe it was a stray, as it acted too tame. I believe it was an outdoor cat charged with keeping the vermin away from the three story house, we were lucky to have the second floor as our residence for the week.

But then there was Martin. He was always around, especially when Chris was visible. He sat at the door mornings waiting for her, but never attempted to come inside. We were smart enough never to attempt to pick the cat up, but to interact with him on his terms.

Martin on the Sofa
Sampson Bay, Sint Maarten
June 26, 2022

Chris teased about bringing the cat back with us, fortunately she was just teasing although at times I was not too sure. Martin became a substitute for the absence of Finnegan, her Yorkie, almost but not quite.

Now, I presume that Martin is still visiting the apartment every morning and the current residents are enjoying having him around. Well, maybe enjoying is a stretch, but he is likely there doing his "I own this place" routine.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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