Saturday, July 9, 2022

Tales from Downsizing


Remaining CD Collection
Elkridge, MD
July 9, 2022

Good news--the welder arrived and did a great job on the mower deck! That was a hanging item from yesterday. I had a great time chatting with him as he worked and when he examined the factory welds on the other main bracket (the one which had not yet failed), he felt that it needed to be reinforced--at no extra charge!

The mower deck is now reinstalled on my mower and safely in the shed. I was gong to mow today, however, soaking rains are expected which means that mowing will not happen until tomorrow.

Yesterday, Chris and I spent the afternoon going through our CD collection. Remember CDs? Compact Discs? Wow, we have a lot. We culled the herd to one box with two layers.

I do own two cars that only have CD players (well, one has a cassette player as well) for music in addition to the radio. Yes, they are both mid-2000 cars (2005 and 2006). But other than those two infrequently driven autos, most of my music is delivered via internet or SirusXM. So Chris and I are wrestling with the question, do we keep or donate the CDs? Of course, I want to keep them in case we need them in the future. Chris wants to dispose of them due to lack of storage. 

The discussion continues. 

Downsizing is hard!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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