Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Downsizing Drama--Storage Media


We are under a month to go on the downsizing and subsequent relocation to Florida. There is not panic, a little consternation, but we are keeping it in check. 

The latest issues revolve around old storage media such as VHS tapes and CDs. 

Do we keep or discard?

The CDs are marked for donation, we finally decided. Actually we do not have many CD players left in the house. The best on is in my Jaguar--a six-CD changer! My truck does not even have a CD player, it is too new. 

The CDs, therefore, are not a problem--the VHS tapes are. We have a mix of tapes which contain family videos and another group which are of TV shows tapes and sent to us while we were living in Germany. As we went to check the contents of the tapes we discovered that our VHS player was not working. It may have been 15 or more years since it was actually used and someone left a tape in it which would not eject. 

What to do?

I checked Amazon--new VHS players are unreasonably expensive, but Chris had the answer: Goodwill. She picked up a very nice player for $12. 

We are working through the tapes and keeping only the ones with family vids on them. It is fun to work back through the past and see the places and people we visited. It is sad because I realized that we videoed many activities and have never actually watched the tapes, until now. 

Downsizing fun!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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