Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Tournament

Elm Tree Golf Course 18th Green
Cortland, NY
July 30, 2022

 The Troy Whittemore Annual Golf Tournament played on Saturday. It was held at a different golf course than in previous years, this one in Cortland, NY. The course was fun and challenging. I would like to say that the team I was on won the tournament, but in fact we worked hard to finish at par.

It was a beautiful upstate New York day. Although the temperature was in the 80s, it seemed much cooler. The course is very open and I did not lose a ball, which is rare for me. The team played well together. We did great on the par 5 holes, there were three and we birdied two and eagled one. The par 3s were tough and we made bogey on two of those and par on the other two. We actually wished there was another par 5.   

Hole 3 
Troy Whittemore Golf Tournament
July 30, 2022

Chris and I sponsored a hole and had a nice sign on the hole.

Next year the team will do better and we may even have two teams in the competition. 

—Bob Doan, Cortland, NY.

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