Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Downsizing - That Empty Sound

 It has begun. 

The Emptying Wine Room
Elkridge, MD
July 26, 2022

As I walked into the house yesterday I noticed the empty sound had begun in some of the rooms where the carpets and furniture have been removed or reduced. 

It is eerie and weird. 

I think maybe that the downsizing is getting serious. A bit too serious.

The empty sound is only the beginning because we still have a lot of furniture yet to remove and items to pack.

Amazon was not helpful yesterday. We needed more newsprint for wrapping and we went to Lowes in the morning to get some, but they didn't have any. So, I ordered from Amazon with a delivery time of 1-5PM. Then it changed to 2-6PM. The newsprint arrived about 8PM. Not very helpful--but the wrapping and packing will continue today. 

Another day of wash, rinse, repeat.. 

On the exciting news note, the movement into new homes begins today when Cory and Julianne settle on their new townhome. This comes a week before Patrick and Jen settle. And then hopefully, by the end of August we will settle on our home. It is definitely an exciting time with many moves coming during the next few weeks.

And the empty sound in the house will only get more noticeable.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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