Sunday, July 3, 2022

And We Are Back

We arrived home at about 1:30 AM yesterday morning after 12 hours of travel. We grabbed a few hours sleep and began the process of getting out of vacation mode and back into reality. 

It was kinda sad. 

Mower Deck with Missing Bracket
Elkridge, MD
July 2, 2022

After retrieving the four-footed members of the family from their vacation locations, my big projects for the day were ensuring the pool was fully clean and shocked followed by with mowing the lawn. And that is where things kind of fell apart, literally. The welds holding one of the main brackets on my mower deck failed. I was able to mow the lawn using bungee cords to keep the deck in place, but now I am looking for a welder to fix the deck. 

I need to fix the mower deck because I am looking to sell the tractor and mower because I do not need this equipment in Florida!

It was hot yesterday. The humidity made it feel much worse than it was, but by the time I finished unhooking the mower deck from the tractor, I needed another shower. I considered falling into the pool, but having just shocked it the chlorine level was a bit too high.

It is good to be back. Really?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD


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