Friday, April 9, 2021

Return of the Rain

 After a great weather week, the rains have returned this morning. 

The rain is welcome as Chris and I planted annuals around the house yesterday. Knowing that the rains were coming, we did not water them immediately. More importantly, the temperatures will be remaining mild which should encourage some of the grass seed we have spread to germinate and grow. 

10 Day Forecast Elkridge, MD

The 10 Day Elkridge, MD, forecast looks really nice, until it begins to cool late next week. 

I know I continue to enjoy the warmer temperatures and clear skies. Seeing the sun brightens my day. 

And the good weather also means that I cam play racquetball at the outdoors courts. Or, as the case was yesterday, make a less than effective attempt to play racquetball. 

Even with the rain, I am still riding my studio cycle in great places around the world. Recently I have ridden in Norway and Kyoto, Japan. 

There has been so much to do lately, I am happy that I am still riding and enjoying the world from my basement.

Even during the rains, I remain busy. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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