Thursday, April 15, 2021

My Truck

My 2016 Ram 1500
Elkridge, MD
April 28, 2020

 My truck is not just a vehicle, it is an essential part of the family. It had been used to haul uncountable numbers of things around town, to Delaware and back,  and down the East Coast.

When last I saw my truck, it was attached to a U-Haul trailer and ready to roll this morning to Florida with an initial load household items for a friend who is moving. Chris is lucky enough to accompany him on the trek and will visit out condo while she is there. I am expecting to take a long weekend and also check on the condo now that the seasonal renters have departed. 

And so, my truck is on I-95 somewhere, as I write this, likely almost to North Carolina where the sunrise will soon splash its light on the travelers as dawn breaks. 

I wish I were making the trip and I wish it were my household goods in the trailer. But, the bed of the truck has items for our condo as we begin the process of relocating from Maryland to Florida. It is a process which will likely not be complete for over a year--but I am sure that my trusty truck will make a few more journey's down I-95 before we are through.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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Bill W said...

Awesome! You may recall our blue ‘97 RAM 1500 w a big blue cap - it’s still rollin.’ I remember your Chevy S-10 w a Steelers sticker. :-) I think of you every time we go to my shop - API Auto Service - off of S Hanover RD. Happy motoring!

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