Monday, April 19, 2021

Monday Musing - April 19, 2021


1. It is the third Monday in April. Yay. It is also the 16th Monday of 2021 and there are only 36 Monday's remaining. That is important to some of us.

2. I watched the Severn Seminoles win a game is grand fashion yesterday by invoking the Mercy Rule! Jax had a great game. Maybe some video tomorrow.

AL East Standings As of Games Through April 18, 2021
3. OK, I guess I have to acknowledge the Orioles at this point. While I think they are doing terrible, they actually are playing some exciting baseball. They need to learn timely hitting.

4, You know what is weird? My favorite President is a Republican, but I have crossed over to the other side because of the tainted and divisive policies of the previous president, whose name will remain unmentioned.

5. Busy weekends pass to quickly, while weekends without a lot of activity seem to drag. 

6. I wish I was fishing today.

7. Is today really Monday, or is it a figment of my imagination?

8. If I could be anywhere right now, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be where I am.

9. Today in History. April 19, 1775, At about 5 a.m., 700 British troops, on a mission to capture Patriot leaders and seize a Patriot arsenal, march into Lexington to find 77 armed minutemen under Captain John Parker waiting for them on the town’s common green. British Major John Pitcairn ordered the outnumbered Patriots to disperse, and after a moment’s hesitation the Americans began to drift off the green. Suddenly, a shot was fired from an undetermined gun, and a cloud of musket smoke soon covered the green. When the brief Battle of Lexington ended, eight Americans lay dead or dying and 10 others were wounded. Only one British soldier was injured, but the American Revolution had begun.

Landmen Who Once Staked Claims for Oil and Gas Now Hunt Wind and Sun - The Wall Street Journal

Stock Rally Broadens in Encouraging Sign for Bull Market - The Wall Street Journal

As Police Reform Laws Sweep the U.S., Some Ask: Are They Enough? - The New York Times

3 People a Day Have Died in U.S. Police Encounters During Chauvin Trial - The New York Times

Ross DouthatRon DeSantis Is the Republican Autopsy - The New York Times

Minneapolis braces for unrest as Chauvin trial enters final phase - The Washington Post

‘Ripe for fraud’: Coronavirus vaccination cards give rise to burgeoning scams - The Washington Post

Investor group calls for banks to set tougher climate targetsEnvironment  - Reuters

UKQueen Elizabeth stands alone as Philip is laid to rest; William and Harry talk - Reuters

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

It is also appropriate that this journey should begin on Easter Sunday -- a day of peace proclaimed, a day of triumph over evil and suffering. In a short time, we will be worshiping at St. Andrew's Cathedral, and I can assure you that our prayers this afternoon will not just be for the success of this mission, but for an enduring peace among the peoples of all nations.

On this Easter, in the year of our Lord 1984, I ask for the prayers of all Americans and the peoples of the world for peace among men and peace among nations. Let the nations and the peoples of the world renounce war, and let us pledge ourselves to its permanent abolition. Let us forsake its anguish and agony and live in love with one another.

Like all Americans, the people of these islands cherish peace. Unlike most of their countrymen, the people of Hawaii have known firsthand the destruction wrought by nations that take up arms against each other. As we passed over Pearl Harbor this afternoon, I don't have to tell you of our silence as we reflected on the Arizona Memorial beneath us. The building that is now the Pacific Air Force's headquarters is still pockmarked with bullets from that fateful Sunday almost 43 years ago. And 32 years later, it was here to this airport that our first prisoners of war returned from an awful captivity in North Vietnam.

The American people have never sought war nor the test of arms. And yet in my lifetime I have seen four such wars -- none of them because the United States was too strong or too ready. The United States is resolved to avoid war, pursue peace, and to do so by remaining strong and remaining ready.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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