Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Out of the Blue Clear Sky

New Leaves on a Blue Sky
ELkridge, MD
Easter Sunday 2021

 The leaves are coming on the trees. 

That is an exciting development. As I looked into the blue clear sky on Easter Sunday, I was encouraged by the leaves growing on the trees. I began to imagine summer.

The sky was clear, and blue. 

When I have a moment to look into the sky and find it is so stunningly clear I, for some reason, think of an old George Strait song, Out of the Blue Clear Sky

I think I like the song because most people say clear blue--but the song reverses the words to be Blue Clear Sky. 

Blue sky days are the best. As I took a moment in preparation for the annual Easter egg Hunt, it was nice to look up and see blue and leaves. I do so enjoy it when the leaves return. And this year, my house is no longer surrounded by day ash trees--they were cut down last year for safety reasons. 

Coming out of my blue clear sky, then, are the leaves which will provide shade this summer. And I welcome them.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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