Friday, April 23, 2021

And Away it Goes--SpaceX Launch

SpaceX Crew Dragon Mission 2
Jupiter, FL
April 23, 2021

For those of you wondering, I am no longer in Maryland. I am spending the weekend at my Florida condo.

This morning, Chris and I went to the beach before dawn to watch the SpaceX Crew Dragon Mission 2 launch. 

I have to admit, we were unsure exactly what we would see and I was concerned about the clouds to the north, but in the end it was fabulous! The clouds, while they obscured some of the fly-out, but they also made a beautiful canvass of the launch in the sky. 

Crew Dragon Mission 2 with
First Stage Burning for Landing Behind
Jupiter, FL
April 23, 2021

Thanks for the guys at work for helping my look in the right part of the sky.

I took some video--but was having problems with the camera on my phone and so I need to do some editing to make a decent movie. The fly out was spectacular, as you can see. We actually saw the first stage burning to land on the drone ship, but that is in the video and so the image I have here is a screen capture of lesser quality.

It was a beautiful launch and a beautiful morning. Launches during hours of darkness are the most spectacular!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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