Sunday, April 25, 2021

Happy Hour Saturday

 Florida is definitely different. 

Happy Hour
Jupiter Beach, FL
April 24, 2021

Chris and I wanted to visit one of our two favorite outside watering holes last evening and drove to find the first packed with people, not practicing social distancing or wearing face protection, and with loud music. 

We left and went to the other. 

We paid $5 to park with the promise of getting that about off our check at the end. 

It, too, was closely packed with little observation of social distancing or facial protection. And too loud music which made people shout to talk which added to the volume level.

We did not stay and chalked up the $5 to a life experience. After a short conversation we decided to spend Happy Hour at our favorite place--the beach. We packed up some munchies and beverages and headed to the surf and sand. There were a few others on the beac h, but it was far from crowded--it was in reality, empty except for two other groups on a mile long stretch of sand. 

We enjoyed the surf, which was rough and the birds and the conversation. We listened to our own music and just enjoyed the sights for a couple hours.

Next time we go searching for a place to enjoy Happy Hour, we will remember the beach.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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