Friday, May 15, 2020

Surviving Coronavirus with Squirrels

Squirrels are a fact of life. 

Squirrel at the Made to Scale Picnic Table
Elkridge, MD
May 14, 2020
We can love them or hate them--but no matter which, they will likely always be with us to either enjoy or be tormented by. It turns out that their antics are a worthy diversion from thinking about coronavirus and the uneven reopening of counties in Maryland which will begin this evening at 5 PM.

Chris loves squirrels, except when they are ravenously devouring the food from her bird feeders. I can enjoy them and I remember the summer we had a squirrel that, for a few months, seemed to be almost a pet--but, we went on vacation and never saw that squirrel again. We called that squirrel Rocky and I wrote about it in a 2008 blog titled, Rocky is Gone. I had first written about the squirrel in a blog titled Backyard Friends

We have reached the pinnacle of the Yin and yang of squirrels. We now have a made to scale squirrel picnic table. It was lovingly constructed by a family member in Upstate New York--where there also is no shortage of squirrels, and arrived Wednesday afternoon. It was christened with peanuts and squirrels on our back porch last evening. The table was also enjoyed by blue jays which enjoyed flying away with the peanuts.

There is the dark side to squirrel watching. I was introduced to the following You Tube video which shows an alternative approach to feeding the gray furry "tree rodents." 

Finnegan on Guard for Squirrels
Elkridge, MD
March 28, 2020
Of course I would never do such a thing to a squirrel, but it is funny to watch. I wonder how many times that squirrel came back to enjoy another amusement park-like ride on the catapult?

Chris now has a problem of conscience. Finnegan, our Yorkie, has proclaimed himself the protector of the porch and loves to chase the squirrels away. I wish I was going to be home today to see how she balances inviting the squirrels to dine at the picnic table and managing Finnegan's desire to chase them away.

It should be interesting and, yes, a great coronavirus, COVID-19 diversion. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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