Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday Musings - May 25, 2020

1. Happy Memorial Day! I will wager that this Memorial Day is very different from others as businesses are still only beginning to reopen after the coronavirus shut-downs. I know that we did not travel as we often do and our planned trip to Florida for the holiday did not happen.

2. It is the last Monday of May. June begins next Monday!

3. Do not forget to vote in your State primaries. The election season is upon us. We will be voting by mail in Maryland's primary elections.

Boys and Dogs in the Pool
Memorial Day Weekend 2020
Elkridge, MD
May 24, 2020
4. Memorial Day is for family and dogs. Yesterday we celebrated as a family for the first time since the coronavirus burst onto the scene. It was a fabulous day that went into the night around the fire pit making S'mores and talking of old times. IT was the most normal thing that we have done together in months.

5. I noticed that gasoline prices were creeping up in expectation of increased automobile travel this weekend. 

6. Since our trip to Italy did not happen during late-April and early-May as planned, it appears that there will be no big trip this year and we will spend some much needed time at our Florida condo. I am still working to get my airline tickets refunded from the canceled Italy trip.

7. Coming this week. After a nine year hiatus, astronauts launched from the United States will enter space. Wednesday at about 4:30 PM, two U.S. astronauts will launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, and rendezvous with the International Space Station. We're Back Baby!

8. A Memorial Day thought: "Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices." - Harry S. Truman

9. Today in History. On May 25, 1977, Memorial Day weekend opens with an intergalactic bang as the first of George Lucas’ blockbuster Star Wars movies hits American theaters.
The incredible success of Star Wars–it received seven Oscars, and earned $461 million in U.S. ticket sales and a gross of close to $800 million worldwide–began with an extensive, coordinated marketing push by Lucas and his studio, 20th Century Fox, months before the movie’s release date. “It wasn’t like a movie opening,” actress Carrie Fisher, who played rebel leader Princess Leia, later told Time magazine. “It was like an earthquake.” Beginning with–in Fisher’s words–“a new order of geeks, enthusiastic young people with sleeping bags,” the anticipation of a revolutionary movie-watching experience spread like wildfire, causing long lines in front of movie theaters across the country and around the world.

Political fights break out as dozens of states modify voting rules in light of pandemic - The Washington Post

Coronavirus Threatens to Hobble the U.S. Shale-Oil Boom for Years - The Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong Protesters, Resisting China’s Push, Clash with Police - The New York Times

U.S. Deaths Near 100,000, an Incalculable Loss - The New York Times

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Readies First Astronaut Launch by Private Firm - The Wall Street Journal 

Hong Kong's security, police chiefs warn of growing 'terrorism' as national laws loom - Reuters

Dutch government: second case of mink transmitting coronavirus to human - Reuters

China blames U.S. for North Korea talks stalemate - OANN

Elon Musk's Crew Dragon puts America back in the space race - The Guardian

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

Remarks, May 26, 1986 speech at Arlington National Cemetery. I urge you to taker a listen.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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