Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Revenge of the Allergies

It happened over the night. My allergies kicked into high gear early Sunday morning and I have been a miserable mess since. 

It is not supposed to happen like this! I faithfully get allergy shots every two weeks and visit my allergist three or four times per year to check-up on how things are going. The past couple years have been great, but not so this year. 

Maybe my trips to Florida during the Springtime have protected me during the past few years, but this year, because of coronavirus, I have been in Maryland the entire time. Maybe it is just building up? 

Of course, there is the concern, is it coronavirus? Well, based upon my symptoms, the time of year, and knowing that one of the pollens to which I am very allergic is at a VERY HIGH level right now, it is easy to conclude that I am allergic and not contagious. 

It still sucks! I called my allergist yesterday to get the next level of allergy control medicine--it helped, but has not defeated my reaction to the allergies in the air. Maybe playing golf Friday and Saturday did not help. 

It has to get better soon. I hope!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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