Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday Musings - May 4, 2020

1. Crashing into the first Monday of May we are still living under a stay-at-home order in Maryland and the economy is still crashing. The second third of the year is underway.

2. Happy Star Wars Day! (May the fourth be with you!)

3. I heard that New York City is going to be cleaning all of the subway trains every day now. Funny, why weren't they doing that before? It makes me wonder--how often are public places cleaned. 
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Elkridge, MD
May 3, 2020

4. Standing in Wegmans on Friday they wiped the cashier belt between customers to prevent cross-contamination. It was a great idea. I wonder how often the belts were cleaned before coronavirus?

5. B.C has been redefined. Before Coronavirus!

6. Yesterday the temperature made it to 78 degrees. During the morning weather reports the expected high was 66 degrees. I wonder why the big difference, but I am not complaining. 

7. My favorite foreign holiday is tomorrow! Cinco de Mayo!

8. I wonder what new things today will bring!

9. Today in History. On May 4, 1970, in Kent, Ohio, 28 National Guardsmen fire their weapons at a group of anti-war demonstrators on the Kent State University campus, killing four students, wounding eight, and permanently paralyzing another. The tragedy was a watershed moment for a nation divided by the conflict in Vietnam, and further galvanized the anti-war movement
Two days earlier, on May 2, National Guard troops were called to Kent to suppress students rioting in protest of the Vietnam War and the U.S. invasion of Cambodia. The next day, scattered protests were dispersed by tear gas, and on May 4 class resumed at Kent State University. By noon that day, despite a ban on rallies, some 2,000 people had assembled on the campus. National Guard troops arrived and ordered the crowd to disperse, fired tear gas, and advanced against the students with bayonets fixed on their rifles. Some of the protesters, refusing to yield, responded by throwing rocks and verbally taunting the troops.


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Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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