Friday, May 8, 2020

Coronavirus musings

Lilac in my Yard
Elkridge, MD
May 7, 2020
It is Friday ending the first full week of May and while outdoors activities have been opened, not much else has changed. I have noted more traffic on the roads during the past week. It seems that fewer people are staying home or that supplies at home are running low and people need to get out for essentials. 

I have to confess that my favorite outdoors activity has become walking around my yard and the neighborhood to enjoy the flowers of the Spring. Yesterday, I noticed that the lilac is finally blooming. The fragrance is very sweet as it fills the air. Fortunately, it is near the front of the house and I am able to enjoy the aroma each time I enter or leave. 

With respect to the coronavirus response, in talking to people I have found that there continue to be spot shortages of meat, cleaning supplies, paper towels, and soups in the grocery stores. Chris and I got lucky the other day and found the meat counter fully supplied at our local store. We were able to use our new vacuum sealer to prepare the meat for storage rather than relying on zip lock bags for the extra pound of hamburger and a couple pork chops. Sadly, they were selling the meat only in extra large quantities, it seemed, but they were also limiting the quantity of meat that could be purchased. 

Last evening we were afflicted with a power outage during the middle of our family Zoom conference. We do not usually lose power and it was very frustrating to be in the middle of a conversation and suddenly have the lights go out along with the internet. I wonder if I should get an UPS unit to ensure internet connection during a power bump? Yesterday it was out for over 15 minutes, which is more than a bump, but we had a couple bumps earlier during the day. Something to ponder. 

It is interesting what thoughts begin to percolate through the cranium as the coronavirus stay-at-home order continues, although the order has been modified a bit and I am looking forward to walking a golf course and swinging wildly at the little ball later today. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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