Saturday, May 2, 2020

As the Calendar Turns

The sunrise this morning was visible! That is exciting considering the past two mornings have been nothing but overcast skies and rain. But today I look outside and see the trees illuminated by the full sun and I am excited at the prospect of another day under a stay-at-home order. 
The Pool on a Beautiful May Morning
Elkridge, MD
May 2, 2020

Yesterday, aside from being May Day and Labor Day for much of the world, was a momentous pool day. It marked the first day that I did not have to brush the newly installed plaster in the pool. I have completed four weeks of daily brushing, which although reduced to mark the beginning of each new week, did require me to become very intimate with my pool. All told, during the month of April, I brushed the entire pool 70 times! I have also been keeping a very watchful eye on the chemical balance and monitored the changes caused by the inches of rain we have received since the pool was filled and daily plaster care began. 

Now I wish that the outdoors temperatures would moderate and we could begin swimming in the pool. The last time I checked the water temperature it a less than comfortable 57 degrees. So we need some warmer days. Being in the pool with an adult drink on a floatie will provide a great way to pass the stay-at-home order days.

As for what lies ahead during May? Well, hopefully the news will be less about coronavirus and COVID-19 and more about recovery and life returning to whatever the new normal is going to be. I am a bit anxious about the new normal, I hope it is not too different than the old normal, but if public places are cleaner--that would be a good change. 

And what is on tap for today? Painting the porch. No travel involved, we bought the paint yesterday. Those who know me understand how I feel about painting. Wait, maybe I can schedule a root canal instead. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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