Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Holiday in the Rear View Mirror

Memorial Day is behind us and it was definitely changed by the coronavirus. But, the time spent with family and friends was enjoyable and memorable.

Outlet Being Examined and Cleaned
Elkridge, MD
May 25, 2020
I went to Lowes yesterday and was very impressed. The store placed an arrangement of flowers in one of the parking spaces dedicated to Veterans as a memorial to our fallen comrades. I found it very touching and appropriate gesture.

One of yesterday's projects was devoted electrical ghosts. An electrical circuit in the house went off-line and I was chasing down the reason. After finding, opening, and examining and tightening all of the wires in all six of the outlets in the circuit, it began working again. I have no idea which outlet was causing the issue, but the circuit began working again when I restored power. It was a frustrating three hours of my life that I will never get back. 

I did, however, get to enjoy relaxing on a floatie in the pool for a few minutes before beginning work on one of the pool lights that had become detached. Ugh. There always seems to be another project. From what I determined, the pool plasterers used a too small screw when reinstalling the light and it worked free during Sunday's celebration. The hard part is that the screw has to be a stainless steel screw because it is under water and must not rust. Of course, I bought the wrong size at Lowes. It is the story of my life. 

I wonder what new challenges the week ahead will bring?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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