Friday, May 22, 2020

Daily Status Message

Here is the daily status message--it is raining again. The temperature is 58 chilly degrees and the day's high is expected to be 70 degrees. Every morning when I awaken, I look out the window to see the weather. I am more interested in the weather than enjoying my first cup of coffee. The weather sets the tone for my day. 

The Neighbor's Red Knock-out Roses
Elkridge, MD
May 20, 2020
If it is raining, as it is this morning, I expect slow traffic clogging the roads I travel on my way to work. 

Hopefully the image of my neighbor's roses will brighten the rainy, somewhat gloomy day. Rain and gray skies just make the day feel dreary.

When it is raining, I know that outdoors activities, like this evening's planned Happy Hour with friends, are likely to be curtailed. According to Weather Underground, the rain is supposed to stop about 3 PM--maybe Happy Hour can yet be salvaged.

The Maryland coronavirus Safer at Home Advisory has increased the importance of outdoors activities. Many activities we used to conduct in the house have become outdoors activities, like Happy Hour and this weekend's Memorial Day activities. Before coronavirus we would not think twice about re-hosting these activities into the house. But, while the virus is still raging, people and even family are not comfortable being inside where proper physical distancing cannot be assured. 

We each need to find our coronavirus comfort zone and respect the zones of our friends and family. 

While I cannot stop the rain, I can keep my spirits high and find a way to enjoy the day. It is Friday and a holiday three-day weekend is ahead!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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