Friday, September 28, 2018

Theater of the Congress

Theater of the Congress, Absurd. 

Yesterday will be remembered as the lowest point ever achieved in American political life as the Senate Judiciary Committee grilled two Americans about something that happened 36 years ago while they were in High School.

Many lives were destroyed. There were no winners, only losers. There were no high points. There was no resolution. 

Millions of Americans watched the proceedings hoping for enlightenment.

There was none.

An article in the New York Times titled, She Said. Then He Said. Now What Will Senators Say? suggests that in the Trump era, politics in America has become tribal. 

An excerpt from the article points out:

It has become something of a clich√© to say that the United States has become increasingly tribal in the era of President Trump, with each side in its own corner, believing what it chooses to believe and looking for reinforcement in the media and politics. But the battle over Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination has reinforced those divisions at the intersection of sex, politics, power and the law.

It was all on display yesterday, televised live and at the expense of the families and friends of the two people at center stage. 

Now, in my estimation, the man who would be a member of The Supreme Court stands accused of multiple sexual assault felonies and his principle accuser is a heroine to some and while being vilified by others.

Sadly, the toll is much higher than just those involved in the proceedings. There is a loss of faith in our leadership that may never be repaired. The partisanship that cripples our government and our economy was on display for the world to see. 

One commentator opined, perhaps they are both telling the truth as they remember it! 

Frankly, I could not remember almost anything from 36 years ago with the clarity that both of them seem to have.

I was left feeling that he lack of due process, the innuendo becoming fact, and the witch-hunt over allegations that happened while the principals were in high school over three decades ago is hammering another nail in to the coffin that was the America dreamed of and fought for by our founding fathers.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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