Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sitting Here Watching the Rain Fall

It rained again last evening.

All evening.

Even during the night I was awakened by a thunderstorm. 

It is raining. A lot. 

Chris knew that I had had a particularly trying day and had happy hour waiting for me when I finally made it home about 6 PM after a long day. It was a great transition into the evening. 

I sat on the porch looking out at the sea of green punctuated with dead ash trees and I realized that autumn is not too far off. Many people get excited about autumn and the bright display of colors that nature provides to ease the transition from summer's warmth and green. I admit, the colors do provide temporary enjoyment.

I began thinking about the trees and how much I appreciate and respect them. I don't know why I used to color tree trunks brown when I was a kid, they are gray. The summer green gives way to winter gray and it remains gray until springtime revives the world. I wonder if Crayola has a crayon named Winter Gray?

We have had a lot of rain. And gray skies. The forecast calls for rain and thunderstorms until about 6PM. According to the local weather station we have received 1.36 inches of rain since midnight!

More rain. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and bright! We will see. I hope so. I have almost forgotten what that bright orb in the sky looks like. I enjoy feeling its warm rays on my face.

Until then, more rain.

Until then, like a tree, I will just enjoy the view.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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