Friday, September 14, 2018

Hurricane's Path - Florence Arrives

Finally it is Friday. After a long week.

It has rained every day this week. Chris and I got out for a walk yesterday during a brief break in the clouds and even felt enjoyed the feeling of sun on our faces. It was so nice that I condsidered flying Radio Flyer over the neighborhood.
Hurricane Florence

And then the gray and rain returned.

The week has been pretty much of a wash out. 

I am not complaining, however, because Hurricane Florence is not aiming at the Baltimore area directly. In fact, according to projections, the Baltimore-D.C. region will be spared as the hurricane and its tropical remnants actually spin around the area.

The news for the past few days has been focused on the hurricane and that has been a relief from the nonsense that usually comes from Washington. Even so, I was appalled at the discussion yesterday about how many people were lost when the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico last year. The debate over the death toll cannot hide the inescapable fact the the Federal Government did not prepare effectively to help the island and has not done enough to speed the recovery.

A much different response will be seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, I am sure. This is a significant hurricane and there will be many opportunities to debate the adequacy of the government's response. 

But, to focus on the present, my prayers are for those directly in the path.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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