Thursday, September 20, 2018

Orioles Thursday - The Lost Season

List of Worst Major League Baseball Records
Modern Era (Since 1900)
The Orioles set a record the other day. The 2018 version of the team has accumulated the most losses of any Orioles team in history.

An inglorious record.


Last night the Orioles, (44-108, .289) amazingly won a game against the Blue Jays. The team is 59 games out of first place and 47 games out of qualifying for a wild card post-season position. With the win last night, the Orioles have assured themselves of not tying the 2003 Detroit Tigers for 119 losses! The Orioles have almost assured themselves of not reaching the 50 wins plateau this season. They are 3-7 for their last 10 games and with 10 games remaining they would have to win 6 to achieve 50 wins. My prediction of 115 losses seems very possible and possibly a bit conservative. 

The Orioles are already listed in the List of worst Major League Baseball season records.

The Orioles are a team which defines futility. I have seen them lose in almost every imaginable way this season. The real losers, however, are the fans of this once proud baseball team. We will still be here long after the players and the coaches who contributed to the debacle that is the 2018 season have moved on. We will remember this season for a long time.

The off season cannot arrive soon enough.

 I have to admit--I did not see this coming.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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