Sunday, September 16, 2018

As the Clouds Clear

From the 4th Tee Box
Timbers at Troy
September 15, 2018
Finally, for at least a day, the rains stopped and the world began to dry out.

Plugged Golf Ball
Timbers at Troy 11th Hole
September 15, 2018
The drier conditions were a welcome relief and allowed me to get a few projects accomplished around the house. 

But first, I was able to get in a respectable round of golf at Timbers at Troy with the guys. It was good to stroll out onto the course just before 7 AM with a club in my hand and hit my first drive down the middle of the fairway. 

Although the day was generally gray, the sun broke out of the clouds later in the round. The course was very soft and it was cart path only, which slowed our pace of play. The soft course also meant that there was almost no roll out after the shot and most balls rested near their point of impact. I had more than one shot that plugged into the soft course. The greens were very slow which hampered putting a bit.

Newly Transplanted Crepe Myrtle
After the round of golf and as the day dried out even more, I was able to get more than a few projects accomplished around the house, including removing a dead shrub, installing a new outdoor security light, removing the electricity wires from a dead ash tree which will likely be felled this week, transplanting a crepe myrtle, and mowing the lawn. 

Of course the pool received some needed attention as well. I am hopeful of closing the pool next weekend and being done with the maintenance for the year. Summer is winding down and the falling leaves are becoming a nuisance.

It was a full and busy day. The only thing I wished I had done was get Radio Flyer up for a flight, but there just wasn't time. I though about it as Chris and I were relaxing on the deck at the end of the day with a glass of wine, but it was better just to sit and talk and plan for today.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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