Sunday, September 9, 2018

Summer Turned Off

It happened this weekend.

Recovered Pool
September 8, 2018
Just as I returned the pool to swimmable conditions after the algae attack, summer ended.

Yesterday was cool and rainy. Last evening, sitting around the fire pit I could see fog coming off the pool surface because the pool was much warmer than the air.

Dawn in Elkridge
September 9, 2018
This morning, the rain continues and the temperature is 57 degrees! 

Summer has ended. The 90s of last week have broken and autumn, which is officially less than two weeks away, is already making its presence felt.

I long for the sunrises of my recent vacation. Clear skies with clouds to reflect the morning rays. Instead there is nothing but gray! The sunrise out my window was almost invisible with the dark of morning giving way to the gray overcast. The image is a color image, by the way, there are just no colors to show as they are absorbed by the pervasive grayness.
Sunrise from Port Everglades
September 2, 2018

Unlike last weekend when I was arriving in port after a week sailing the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, the scene is very gray. There is no golf. There is no fall youth baseball. There are few outdoor activities. I have to wear a coat and jeans. 

It is a fitting start to the NFL season. 

Autumn is arriving, too soon!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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