Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Autumn Activities

With the arrival of Autumn, it is time to begin maintenance activities to prepare for the impending dark season.

I noticed last evening that it was dark by 7:15 PM. Very dark. Officially, sunset was 7 PM, but with the heavy cloud cover darkness descended upon the land shortly after the Sun sank below the horizon. At least I believe there was a sun because I never saw it during the day.

Right Front Tire on Chris's Highlander
September 23, 2018
The maintenance activities are beginning in earnest. Chris's vehicle now has not only new brakes, but is equipped with a brand new set of tires to prepare for the season ahead. I decided her tires were too worn to safely make it though the winter.

There are other activities that will begin to happen. The ornamental grasses around the pool will be cut and recycled, wood will be gathered or purchased, windows and latches will be inspected. These are among the many projects that will be accomplished during the next few weeks.

Through all of it, I will dream of another vacation in the sun and warmth. It is also time to make vacation plans. I was thinking off a cruise across the Atlantic in April to Barcelona, Spain, but when I checked out the return airfare prices I decided that the good deal for the cruise was completely offset by the incredible airfare to return home. The airfare was equal to a balcony cabin on the cruise.

The forecast for the next few days is for more rain, but then, amazingly, for the weekend the Sun comes out! We may even see one last 80 degree day before the temperatures fall into the 60's and below for good.

Maybe there is some golf in my future after all!

Autumn activit├ęs are swinging into full gear in preparation for the winter's dark, cold days. I will be ready.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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