Sunday, September 23, 2018

Autumn Arrives

Pool Closing from Radio Flyer
September 22, 2018
Autumn, heralding the arrival of the dark season, arrived last evening and with it the weather has already changed. The cooler air blew in while Chris and I were enjoying dinner with the temperature dropping to 64 degrees as we headed home. This morning the temperature has fallen to 59 degrees. A confirmation of Autumn's arrival.
The Water Level is Lowered
September 22, 2018

With the cooler weather, the rains have returned. We are facing a week of rainy weather.

The big project for the yesterday was closing the pool in advance of the cooler weather, falling leaves, and rains. Frankly, I was tired of hauling leaves out of the pool everyday and I had not swum in the pool during the past few weeks since returning from the cruise. Of course, I would have been swimming on Labor Day, but the pool was green and I was killing the algae bloom that had developed while we were away.

Chris and Finnegan Helping to Close the Pool
September 22, 2018
I flew Radio Flyer to get an image of the pool closing. By about 7:15 AM, I already had the back-up pump running to draw the water down in the pool. I had to use the back-up pump because the primary pump had burned out a few days ago. I also had the pool cleaner, known as the Dolphin, running one last time to rid the pool of leaves and debris. 

Once the water was lowered to the winter season level, I added the chemicals, my witch's brew as I call it, to help the pool make it through the next almost eight months. I used the pump and outlet hose to mix the water and chemicals to be ready for the final act--installing the cover. 

Cover Installed Ready for the Dark Season
September 22, 2018
Finnegan turned out to be very interested in the entire process of closing the pool and was by our sides the entire time. He did give us a scare as he started to run across the not yet fully installed pool cover and Chris was concerned that he would fall into the water and that I would then have to rescue him. You read that correctly, she wouldn't rescue him, I would be responsible for that act of courage and bravery. 

Sunrise, the Last Day of Summer Dawns
September 22, 2018
Radio Flyer
By 11:17 AM, when I took the image of the fully installed cover, the process was nearly complete. All that remained was to fill the lines with anti-freeze and close them off. Then it was clean up time! We were done well before noon. Another successful pool closing.

I still have to get the newly arrived pump motor set-up, but that will not take too much time. I won't actually install it into the pump until Springtime. Pool opening day is about 223 days away, tentatively scheduled for May 4th of 2019!  Of course if the weather seems nice in April, I may open it earlier. 

We may resurface the pool at some point during the off season which will also cause us to take the cover off and effectively open it. Hopefully after the leaves are all off the trees. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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