Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wintertime Alaska

Looking Across a Frozen Lake
Yes, it is cold. But the length of the days have already become near equal to Maryland and therefore the darkness is not too bad. This trip has seen the best weather that I have experienced in Alaska--we can actually see scenery and drive almost unimpeded.

That is supposed to change today as a storm moves through, but the images show how stunning everything appears.
Mt. McKinley (Denali) in the Distance

We saw Denali, Mt McKinley, in the distance yesterday. It was slightly hazy and I couldn't get a fantastic image of it, but it still is a great memory. They say that the weather is only infrequently clear enough to see that far away. 

Pop Quiz: When does a 14,000 plus foot tall peak look short? When it is between a 20,000 foot and a 17,000 foot peak. I saw the three peaks, whose names escape me now, Denali at 20,000 feet, and a peak in the image above to its left is 14,000 feet. Further left and off the frame is a 17,000 foot peak. I just wish the image was better--but it was the best my iPhone could pull off yesterday. 
Out for a Drive to Work

They say the weather has been warm, and I guess it has been. The high today is supposed to be 36 degrees compared to 34 back at home. They are also calling for afternoon snow--which should effectively ruin any chances for more unplanned stunning sightseeing.

Given the weather so far and the unintended views, I can and won't complain. I do not like snow and cold--but even so, it they can still make beautiful combinations when combined with fevers peaks and mountains.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Anchorage, AK

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