Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings - February 17, 2014

1. Spring begins on March 20th--just 31 days away. Coincidentally, I head off for Orioles Spring Training in Sarasota on that day. Let the celebration begin!

2. Orioles Opening Day is March 31st, which is just 42 days away 

3. Pool opening day is 75 days away now scheduled for May 3rd!

4. I watched the thrilling USA-Russia hockey game on Saturday morning. I saw the Russian President, Putin, in the stands cheering on the Russians on their home soil--but I really missed hearing the  chant that usually accompanies US teams at home or on the road-- USA, USA, USA.

5. I feel like the snowman in the picture.

6. The Olympics seems longer this year.

7. Happy President's Day. We've had some great ones! And, I get a day off to celebrate them.

8. We are not the only ones with snow. An article in this mornings New York Times reports: Japanese car makers including Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co suspended operations at some of its plants in central and eastern Japan after heavy snow disrupted their supply chains and prevented workers from commuting.

9. I'm not one to want to hurry time along, but February can end anytime it wants and the sooner the better. 

10. I feel the wolf in the image was justified.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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