Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Home is Where my Dog Is

I know the old saying is that home is where your heart is, but in my case my heart is where my dog is and so in my case my heart and my dog are one.

That sounds so zen. 

Or even weird. But I love traveling with my dog. The past week we have been living at my daughter's house while they explore Spain and having my dog around has kept me sane.

It is not that she does all that much, but her comings and goings and need to head outside every couple of hours adds a sense of normalcy to a life in upheaval. And I really like having her park herself next to me to be scratched behind her ears and I also enjoy having her lay at my feet.

Today, the expectation is that I will return home to my more normal life and I know that Makayla will appreciate the transition home as well. She is not a huge fan of vacations--I think she has a problem with change, but of course the good news is that she just accepts where we are at and enjoys the fact that she was not left behind.

Home is where my dog is--what could be better?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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